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Sunset was filmed on-location in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY in late Spring 2016. While filming a two-hander set in one room might seem pretty straight forward, this little film was filled with unique challenges. Justin and the design team were challenged to  faithfully recreate the intimate yet detailed 1940s bedroom of a gay New Yorker - right down to stitching period undergarments by hand. Meanwhile, the camera team was tasked with creating the effect of a sunset happening in real time over the course of a two day shoot. Add in the complications of making a film in New York City, and you have the makings of a deeply grueling and satisfying filmmaking experience. 

Sunset marks the third short for Katie Ennis, and the first for writer/director Gary Jaffe and producer Skylar Landsee. It is the inaugural production of the trio's emerging production label Band of Others.