In fall of 2014, Gary sat on the couch and presented the screenplay for Sunset to Katie's writing group, which included Gary and Skylar. Everyone agreed the film had to be made.

Over the next year and a half, the screenplay became a play and was produced several times around NYC. When actor Ryan Trout turned in a dazzling performance as "Arnie" in one of those productions, the team decided it was time to make the film.

Conveniently, Katie was moving out of her pre-war Brooklyn apartment, and her bedroom with its beautiful bay window would be empty for a week. Katie pointed to the calendar, to a weekend late in April of 2016 -- that's when we're making this movie. 

Skylar and Katie revved up the production engine, assembling a team of terrific artists to take on the task of making Sunset. With Ryan cast as Arnie, they had to find the right actor to play opposite. Fortunatley Niccolo Walsh responded to the casting call. From the moment the audition began, Niccolo's quiet dignity was breathtaking, as was his chemistry with Ryan.

Now all of the pieces were in place. Over the course of a wonderful two-day shoot, Sunset became real.